I’m creating workshops for schools (youth groups, companies, associations) on the topic of sexism and sexual violence. From prevention to concrete practical advices what to do if affected or witnessing these forms of violence – I aim in my workshops to cover all these aspects.

The workshops are evidence-based and participatory. They’re designed to help young people explore the issues surrounding sexual violence in a safe and informative environment.

Sexual violence affects us all, either directly or through our family, friends or acquaintances. It is therefore important that young people understand what sexual violence is so that they can recognize it in good time and get help or provide assistance. Sexual violence is any form of unwanted or coerced action and behavior that violates boundaries and has a sexual connotation. It violates human rights. Sexual violence and sexism are interlinked and these forms of violence have to be seen in a continuum of violence. When speaking about sexism I mean the discrimination, devaluation, violation and oppression of a person or a group on the basis of their gender. Sexism is also the idea that genders have an order or sequence. For example, the idea that men are worth more than women. Anyone who thinks in a sexist way does not consider the personality of the individual. Anyone who thinks in a sexist way thinks, for example: She is a woman, then she must look or behave in a certain way. She is a woman, then she has certain tasks. If he is a man, he must be particularly good at something.

In my workshops I discuss the following topics in depth with the young people:


I’m creating a safe space for young people to talk openly about and explore how we can use and practice consent in our everyday lives. We will discuss consent as free agreement, without any pressure by using the F.R.I.E.S principle (freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic, specific).


I’m creating a space for young people to learn more about power dynamics in sex and relationships. Power dynamics exist in all relationships in society. With the pyramid of violence (Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse: Violence Pyramid) I explain how the power dynamics in our society, are leading from discrimination to sexual violence.


I’m creating a trauma-informed space for young people to identify sexual violence as any unwanted sexual act.


I’m creating and interactive setting where young people learn how they can actively be engaged against sexual violence – be it in public spaces, within their communities or concerning their own actions.  

With interactive tools when working with big groups (up to 150 people) such as Kahoot/Menti it is possible to activate the young people’s reflection and foster a discussion with their peers. In small groups of people it is possible to organize formats such as forum theatre (concept developed by Augusto Boal) in order to practically train how to react in situations of sexism or sexual violence in the public space.

The workshops provide students with the knowledge to recognize sexism and sexualized violence as a social issue, as well as practical knowledge on how everyone can take action against sexism and sexual violence in our society.

The workshops are always adapted to the specific wishes, needs, age of people and discussed with professors or organizers during a preparatory session. It is crucial for me to take the necessary precautions to ensure that the workshop/input takes place in a “safer space”.

If your school, university, company or association is interested in such a workshop please don’t hesitate to reach out to me !