My best friend, Isabel Christen and me have something in common: endless energy and dancing the nights away till the sun rises.

This passion for music connected us since we were children. We both sang as in chores and individually, played instruments such as xylophone and traverse flute in our childhood. However, our biggest passion was always dancing. With Hiphop, Salsa, Jazz, Classical music in dance schools and later with Electro and Techno in clubs.

We started to be fascinated about electronic music with a very young age and spent our weekends in clubs and at music festivals. During our common and individual travels in South America, India, Middle East, East Africa and throughout Europe we discovered different characteristics in music, deep rooted history and a lot of energy within the 80s / 90s genres.

Seeing one male friend after the other become a DJ, we decided to learn from them the basic skills and to move from dancing the nights away to the floors behind the decks. We created the DJ Duo ALELEFI. Our selection finds itself mostly in hi NRG, Italo Disco, Funk, Electro, Disco, Afrobeats – noisy vocals, intimate melodies and naughty beats.

Our mission is to bring more feminism into the DJ Business, and we do this with a selection of music that carries messages, often provocative and deep, that plays as many female producers as possible and that presents a lot of female vocals to convey a sense of strength, sisterhood and common energy.

You can book us to play at your unconventional (or very traditional) wedding, in your club, festival, event, art exhibition – wherever you want – wherever we have a controller and a sound system ready for us !